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Steve Jobs dire health report spreading wildly

National Enquirer claims he's got weeks to live. Is it time for Apple to speak up? 

With a National Enquirer report swirling that Apple leader Steve Jobs — currently on sick leave — is gravely ill with cancer and may only have weeks to live, calls for information from Apple have renewed.

Every mention of Jobs' health seem to send the public company's stock tumbling, and in the absence an official message, the vacuum created by Apple's silence gives reports like the Enquirer's added weight.

Reuters blogger writes: "Outlining leadership plans would move the debate onto the more
constructive topic of Apple’s strategy — and give Jobs some
much-deserved privacy."

And PC Mag takes a more skeptical look at the latest reports, wondering if it's wise to enlist doctor who've never met Jobs to act as sources on his prognosis.

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