You could call it a tunnel vision.

Still, one city alderman is focused on finding an airport tunnel solution before it’s too late.

Ward 3 Ald. Jim Stevenson will urge his council colleagues to support meeting with the Calgary Airport Authority to discuss further tunnel funding options after Monday’s last-ditch efforts to save the roadway fell flat. That’s when the province reiterated it’s position of no additional infrastructure funding.

“There are a number of options we can talk about, but first we need to get to the table face-to-face,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson needs 10 council members to support the motion and is hopeful they will agree.

“This is very serious for the city and there are consequences if we can’t get this done. We want the airport authority to know this is a priority for the city,” he said.

Despite the setbacks, Grant Galpin, spokesperson for the Airport Trail Access Committee, believes other options are available, including a public/private partnership.

“Or maybe there is the option for a toll road, and I have seen some support for that from the business sector. I just think the stumbling block is getting the people to the table to discuss the options,” Galpin said.

Tammy Forbes of Alberta Transportation said the city receives provincial funding for road projects, and it must determine which projects are priorities. She confirmed no additional money would be made available for the airport tunnel.

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