Mayoralty candidate Wayne Stewart announced he will be suspending further campaigning in support of Mr. Naheed Nenshi.

“I chose to run in this campaign not out of a burning desire to be Mayor but out of an obligation I felt to ensure that city hall never again takes Calgarians for granted - that issues important to Calgarians are included in the debate and become key elements of decisions, not as afterthoughts,” said Stewart.

“I have known Naheed for a while and there is no question that our priorities align, that he understands the concerns of seniors, the importance of the diversity of Calgary, and the need to address issues which impact our social, cultural and human fibre, such as homelessness.” added Stewart. “In my discussions with Naheed he has assured me that these priorities will be major pillars when he is Mayor and I am thus pleased to endorse him as my choice for Mayor”

“I want to conclude with a comment to those who have supported me, some of whom voted in advanced polls. I thank you sincerely for your confidence and appreciate the commitment you have made. I want to assure my friends and supporters that my future role may not be as an elected official but my commitment to Calgary and the pride I have to be a Calgarian has only grown as has my appreciation of the diversity we are blessed with and the strength of character Calgarians have,” concluded Stewart.

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