It is not known if thieves who raided a Canadian museum plan to sell the precious art they stole or simply want to melt the jewelry down for its gold, police said yesterday.

The thieves who forced their way into the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver over the weekend made off with 12 pieces of jewelry crafted by famed Canadian Haida artist Bill Reid, nearly all of which were made from gold.

The thieves also stole three gold Mexican necklaces, prompting fears from museum officials and Reid’s widow that the art was destined to be melted down for its precious metal rather than sold to collectors.


The RCMP said it was too early to say what the exact motivation of the heist was.

“It could be only for the gold. It could be (for the art) to be sold abroad. It could be to sell in local pawns shops,” said RCMP Constable Annie Linteau. “We have to consider all of the possibilities.”

Reid, who died in 1998, is best known for his carvings, one of which, Spirit of Haida Gwaii, is pictured on Canada’s $20 bill.

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