If being creative and working with your hands sounds interesting, it’s likely the new University of Calgary’s continuing education summer course, ART 121 Sculpting in Stone, will interest you.

Professional sculptor and course instructor Vahe Tokmajyan will help 12 students transform their work from a conceptual drawing into a three-dimensional piece of art.

Tokmajyan explains the process will involve students first bringing their ideas to him on paper, or if they prefer in a soft material like clay or plasticine, and then the stone work can begin.

“When we have an understanding of what we’re going to create I will choose the right stone for them.”

And, by “right stone” Tokmajyan means the size and shape of stone he’ll pick from numerous options that will be available for his students to use during the course.

He says if the stone is too big, it’s just not practical for the course. Students need to finish their stone sculptures in just 30 class hours spanning from July 5 to 10, so they can take it home with them upon course completion.

Tokmajyan says he’ll work with the larger power tools for the students while explaining how they work — there just isn’t enough instruction time to confidently allow new sculptors use the tools.

Students will be restricted to complete the more finite details with their hammers, chisels and small dremels.

An ideal sculpting location offers a lot of space and tolerance for dust and noise, which the U of C campus doesn’t have readily available. Therefore the Leighton Art Centre, Gallery and Museum will house the six course sessions instead.

Leighton Art Centre is approximately 15 minutes southwest of Calgary. Visit conted.ucalgary.ca for ART 121 - 001 Sculpting in Stone for more information about the non-credit course that costs $430 plus GST.