Council pushed to rein in angry residents

Coyotes that are attacking pets in Ottawa’s south end should not be killed, but rather humanely trapped, says a provincial group that is urging council to stop residents from retaliating against the animals.


The Ontario Wildlife Coalition wants city residents to stop chasing, hunting, trapping and baiting with poisoned food coyotes that are believed responsible for recent attacks on pets, said Barry MacKay, a coalition spokesman.


“Ottawa council (has not) expressed concern about the reported actions of its residents,” MacKay said.


Trappers employed by Ottawa should not be killing the animals, but using “non-lethal, preventative measures” to deter the coyotes, said Ottawa resident Donna DuBreuil, president of the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre.

This is a new problem for council and one that so far, the city’s bylaw isn’t equipped to handle, said Osgoode Councillor Doug Thompson.

With over 200 sightings in a month, the problem seems to be spreading, with reports coming in even from Barrhaven, he said

“People had seen coyotes grab their dogs from their back decks and take off with it,” he said.

Leave it to the pros

  • Osgoode Councillor Doug Thompson encourages residents not to take matters into their own hands. He has hired two Ministry of Natural Resources-licensed trappers with his constituency budget and has asked the MNR to come to speak to residents.