Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens/Facebook

For a much-needed dose of cute, look no further than the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens’ newest resident.


The zoo announced Tuesday that it welcomed a 6-foot-tall, 130-pound bouncing baby girl giraffe on Nov. 9. The yet-unnamed calf was the third born to her mom, Hasina, and the first to her dad, Phillip.


The zoo said on Facebook that the proud parents hooked up through the Species Survival Program that breeds Masai giraffes.


“The birth of this female giraffe is an example of the hard work and dedication zoos have committed to the conservation of Masai giraffe,” Curator of Mammals Josh Sisk said in the post. “Successful breeding programs such as this ensure future generations are able to personally experience these magnificent animals.”


So when the stress of Thanksgiving gets to be too much, just remember this sweet pic, take a deep breath and revel in the love.