Q: My husband never cleans up after himself. I’m sick of being his maid! How do I make this stop?

Angela says...
Have you asked him directly, or are you expecting him to suddenly notice that he should do it? The direct approach always seems to work better with the male species. Dividing the work is also key. In our house, one person makes dinner, and the other cleans up. Works brilliantly. It’s often a race to be the first one home after work.


And in the interest of full disclosure, we have a cleaning person who comes every two weeks, thus avoiding the “who’s turn is it to clean the bathroom” discussion.


Derek says...
Are we talking about a messy desk and pile of clothes, or is this crusty dishes under the sofa? While there’s no excuse for an adult man to neglect cleanliness to the point of allowing bacteria cultures to grow in the living room, you might be faced with an incurable condition at this point. In which case, you should invest in a hazmat suit and industrial cleaning service.


But if he’s an average sloppy guy, start small: Ask him to make the bed and throw in a load of laundry once a week. Build from there. Reward him with a bottle of 12-year-old Macallan scotch.