North Bay teacher Brianne Gavan, left, rests as she and others from her school group wait for word on the status of their flight to Paris, which was cancelled yesterday at Pearson airport.


Alison Adams collared a beleaguered Air Canada official at Pearson airport yesterday and vented, speaking for hundreds of weary travellers stranded in crowded Terminal 1.

"It’s Canada; it’s winter," she implored. "We know weather happens here. Why can’t you plan for it? Why can’t there be some sort of contingency?"

The Fredericton woman, trying to get back home after a two-week vacation in Barbados, was among thousands whose flights were cancelled or delayed by a wicked weekend snowstorm that put the winter of 2007-08 to near legendary status.

Lis Wigmore had woes of her own. The 45-year-old Toronto woman was trying to leave town for a ski vacation in Utah with her husband and two sons, but the airline wasn’t co-operating.

drained batteries

  • Many stranded passengers plugged their cellphones into wall outlets because long calls to airline reservation desks had drained batteries.

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