Long before Donald Trump became President Trump, he was a Pizza Hut pitchman.

In 1995, Trump and his ex-wife Ivana appeared in a TV commercial for the restaurant chain to tout its newly introduced stuffed-crust pizza.

Storyboards for the ad, dubbed the “Pizza Slut” campaign by ad executives, were recently put up for sale by its anonymous creative director, Page Six reported.

They’re signed by Ivana and The Donald, who wrote “Great job!” — and are selling for $15,000.


“He was pleasant to work with, but you can see he has to be the one in control,” the ad man told Gary Zimet of Moments in Time, which is selling the memorabilia.

The exec added that Trump had a “nonnegotiable” timetable for the shoot, which had him arriving at the Queens set at 8 a.m. and leaving “at 2 p.m. on the dot.”

The ad features the former couple, who divorced in 1990, seemingly having a secret tryst.

“Ivana, do you really think this is the right thing for us to be doing?” Donald asks.

“What will people think?” she replies, to which Donald says, “Since when do I care what people think?”

The two then decideto “just do it” … and are seen eating pizza slices crust-first. As Ivana reaches to take the last slice, Trump tells her she’s “only entitled to half.”

“I have to say that at the time he was a very likable person to work with,” the seller told Page Six. “In 1995, there was nothing political about him or his brand.”

BBDO created the $45 million Pizza Hut campaign, which eventually brought in $300 million that year, according to Adweek.

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