Having survived an incredible journey, a city kitty is now on the mend.

The kitten, now called Mandarin, who landed in Calgary after a month-long shipping crate trek from China, is doing better than expected.

Still in quarantine, Mandarin’s electrolytes and blood work are a “little off,” according to Desiree Arsenault of the Calgary Humane Society, but this is normal, she said, considering the kitten’s state of health.

The malnourished kitten, found between sheets of imported granite last week, had no apparent food or water supply during her overseas travels.

Despite her hardship, Mandarin remains affectionate with humans, Arsenault said.

“Mandarin is super cuddly and very interactive with the people who she’s speaking with. She’s a cuddle-bug, that’s for sure.”

Tests have confirmed Mandarin has no signs of major disease.

Unfortunately, Arsenault says continuing care for Mandarin over the next weeks may cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

People can help support Mandarin through her journey by donating to the Phoenix Fund.

Donations can be made by phoning the Humane Society at 403-723-6000.

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