Three young boys are safe and sound following a rescue by Halifax firefighters after the trio wound up stuck on thinning ice on Frog Pog off Purcells Cove Road.

Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency spokesman Capt. Mike Blackburn said firefighters were called to the pond just before 7 p.m. yesterday after police informed them three people were out on the ice and couldn’t make their way back to land.

He said several firefighters wearing emergency suits eventually made their way out to rescue the youth, who were estimated to be about 10 feet off shore. The boys were brought in safely on a floating life boat. There were no injuries.

Blackburn said the youth were on the ice for what he deemed recreational reasons. He said the incident is a reminder to everyone that with the warming temperatures, any ice on lakes is less and less safe.

“Common sense has to prevail,” he said.

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