The Toronto woman going to extremes to prove her identity to Canadian officials in Africa is seeking psychological help.

Suaad Hagi Mohamud, 31, was detained at the airport in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi on May 21 while attempting to board a flight to Toronto.

She was held for not looking like her four-year-old passport photo and spent eight days in jail.

Mohamud will see a doctor today in Nairobi to treat stress arising from, among other things, being jailed with killers at Langata Women’s Prison.

“The situation is better,” Mohamud said of her living conditions after Toronto lawyer Raoul Boulakia paid to transfer her from a dangerous slum hotel to a more secure location in a safer area.

“But I won’t be okay until I get back home and just be with my son.”

Meanwhile, Mohamud anxiously awaits the results of a DNA test to prove her identity. All DNA material needed for the test was scheduled to arrive yesterday at the labs of the Vancouver-based company Orchid Cellmark.