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VIDEO: Stranded man at airport lip-syncs 'All By Myself' in epic music video

This is by far the best way to kill time when you're stuck at the airport.


Getting stuck at the airport is never fun. For the most part, you're either tired, frustrated, angry, bored or a combination of all those feelings. Sometimes boredom will drive you to do some outrageous things - like creating a music video and lip-syncing a classic ballad.

Richard Dunn from Canton Georgia volunteered to give up his on a flight leaving Las Vegas for a $400 voucher. Instead of booking a room at the nearest hotel, he decided to stay inside the airport overnight. Faced with a tremendous amount of bordom, and a lot of time on his hands, Canton decided to pull out his iPhone and make an epic music video. His song of choice: “All By Myself” by Celine Dion. The result is epic.


The video opens with a slate that asks a simple question: “What do you do when you’re stuck at Las Vegas airport overnight?’ he asks in the intro. ‘Shoot a music video on your iPhone that’s what.”

According to Daily Mail Online the 43-year-old spent about three hours shooting the video and he lip-synced the music by using his iPad. Thank goodness for technology.

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