Re: "You’re pregnant, not an invalid" reader’s letter, Feb. 16:

I was shocked when I read the letter submitted by Zarmeena James, and can only conclude that you have never been pregnant, or never had a close loved one carry a child.

If you had you would know that pregnancy is not like a long day at work. The physical demands far exceed routine exhaustion.


Nausea aside, the sudden weight gain affects the balance of the mother and makes it difficult to stand on a moving subway, making the mother at greater risk for falling.

Those of us who are pregnant are not asking for "invalid" status, but respect for the health and well-being of our unborn children. They are delicate lives and should be treated that way. Maybe you should go back to elementary school and participate in the exercise where you are responsible for caring for an egg for a week. Or better yet, strap an extra 30 lbs to your stomach and see how comfortable you are being bounced around a subway, streetcar or bus.

You must have been sick the day they taught common courtesy.

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