Calling it a yardstick to measure their success, Mayor Larry O’Brien yesterday endorsed a new set of priorities for the city through to 2010.

Over the course of 17 meetings and three months of deliberations, council came up with more than 50 priorities that will attempt to make improvements in a number of areas — such as transit, garbage, infrastructure, social housing and city finances.

The mayor spearheaded the new “strategic directions” as a way to set Ottawa on a more business-like course and yesterday said, “In 2010 voters will judge us by these directions and they will hold us accountable.”


The mayor said Ottawans had voted for a new direction in November and that it was time for council to work together to ensure change is progressive.

“The citizens are challenging (council) to get out of our comfort zone,” he said.

Not all councillors are on board the new priority bandwagon.

Coun. Clive Doucet is upset with transit and the lack of funding flowing into Ottawa, citing the more than $11 billion for new projects Toronto has received, while Ottawa has no concrete plan in place.

transit strategies

  • Finish the transitway by 2015;

  • Attain 30 per cent modal split for city by 2021;

  • Provide 100-per-cent accessible transit fleet by 2017;

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