He took them to McDonald’s and Canada’s Wonderland. He gave them marijuana to smoke. He earned a reputation for being “cool” because he bought them alcohol and cigarettes.

Over 14 years, Michael Ross Stratton befriended the daughters of acquaintances, friends and visitors to his Whitby home, then sexually abused them.

His video camera was never far away.

Yesterday, with his legs in chains and long, wavy hair in a pony­tail, Stra­tton, 41, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of sexual abuse and child porno­graphy. The details of his crimes involving nine victims, aged about 6 to 17, were read from an agreed statement of facts in Whitby court.

Stratton’s youngest victim, believed to be about 6 in the videotape of her abuse in 2001, still has not been identified.

The assaults happened between 1992 and 2006.