It was street hockey everywhere yesterday at the city’s Churchill Square.

The two-day weekend event was drawing to a close yesterday with the 352 teams heading to their 900th game.

Vern Gerhardt, senior vice-president of National Sports Development, the organization that put together the event, said it was extremely successful.

“Edmonton has been unbelievable in supporting street hockey. Once again we have proven we’re the city of champions,” he said.

“It’s not very often that people get a chance to play in a high profile location and play an organized game of street hockey and have their family members out to cheer them on,” said Gerhardt.

Shawn Gramlich, 24, who was competing in the street hockey tournament yesterday said playing outdoor hockey was rocky unless you can shoot and crush to the net.

“They have been tight. It’s getting a little nerve-wracking coming up to the semi-final, I hope we can pull it off,” he said about the teams, which were just wrapping up late Sunday afternoon.“

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