The Edmonton Police Service unveiled the new muscle in its Street Legal Program at the Motor Show yesterday.

Det. Terry Innes, a founder of the Blue Line Racing Association, announced at the 2009 Motor Show that a 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT will become the latest addition to the fleet of Street Legal.

Street Legal, founded in 1997, is a traffic safety program that is geared towards 14- to 25-year-olds. It allows officers to connect on a more personal level with the street racing community.

“They view the police now as real people, instead of in a negative way when they’re on the street getting pulled over,” said member Const. Blair Dezwart.

The vehicle was donated by Chrysler Canada, and allows Street Legal to stay on top of new trends. “If we just stay stagnant, people will just push us aside and we have no more credibility,” Dezwart said.

The Blue Line Racing Association has grown to include five sworn police officers and is responsible for the promotion of the program. “We use these police race cars as an attraction to get these young drivers to come to us,” Dezwart said.

Blue Line Racing participates in street-legal drag races on Friday nights at the Castrol Raceway, where anyone can challenge them and race in friendly competition.