A grainy prom photograph encapsulates the bond Adam Bhagiratti and Geetesh Singh shared.

The two, formally dressed and with ear-to-ear grins, are on the dance floor trying to match steps.

“No one was dancing and Adam and Geet went to the floor and started dancing,” remembers Jessica Truong, a former classmate. Within minutes, dozens of their classmates joined in.

“That’s how they were — always together and always laughing,” said Truong yesterday.

Bhagiratti, 21, and Singh, 20, were together when they died Monday evening in what police say was a street race on the Don Valley Parkway. A woman, who was in the car with them, was injured.

“It’s one of the more memorable scenes (I’ve been to). It’s a bad one,” said Sgt. Tim Burrows of Toronto Police Traffic Services.

Their two-seater red convertible was travelling north at a high speed and rolled over a guardrail just south of Eglinton Avenue East. Witnesses told police the red Nissan 300 ZX was in the centre lane racing with a white sports car when the two cars collided and the convertible hurtled into the outer guardrail, tearing off a 12-metre section. The white car sped away. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene around 8:30 p.m.

It is not yet known where or why the race started between the cars.

These are among the questions the two grieving families and friends were asking yesterday.

“No one knows what happened. We are all in shock,” said a distraught Truong. “But I knew both of them from high school and I never heard of them (street-racing). It’s unlike them.”

Correction notice: A previous version of this article contained a photo that incorrectly identified the victims of the crash. Metro sincerely regrets the error.

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