I’m not sure why in the world would our city keep running old-fashioned vehicles known as streetcars. Streetcars only create nuisance; their maneuvers are restricted and do not move as fast as buses.


If anything happens on the road such an accident, streetcars get stuck and cannot adjust to the rapidly changing road conditions except through the designated lanes.


If for instance, an accident happens on the road, a bus can adjust quickly to the road conditions and manoeuvre accordingly and take necessary steps such as short cuts and change in the direction and so on. But streetcars would only get stuck and can never do anything except to wait until the roads are cleared. This sometimes takes hours or days.


Keeping streetcars in a busy city like Toronto could jeopardize the safety of both commuters and other bystanders sometimes. I have seen with my own eyes on many occasions when streetcars try to stop and other vehicles drive fast to overtake the streetcars without paying attention to the passengers offloading or trying to get on the vehicle.