York University music student Chris Chekan has plenty of time to brush up on his saxophone skills but no professor to judge his progress.

“I came to York to study with (saxophone professor) Kelly Jefferson. The strike has prevented me from getting lessons. I can’t study with him outside of school because he would be breaking his contract.”

Chekan, 19, said all the professors are professional musicians who tour during the summer, making it difficult for the university to reschedule classes.

“It’s definitely taking away from the learning experience. Two weeks without classes was OK but this is too much.”

Chekan is involved with several student Facebook pages petitioning the provincial government to intervene and asking the school to present an agreeable offer for the striking graduate students, contract faculty and teaching assistants.

“I’m sure a lot of what they’re asking for is reasonable, but I don’t think it should come at the cost of the other 50,000 people at the school.”