In light of the York University strike, some have argued for the Ontario government to enact back-to-work legislation.

In any free and democratic society, which seeks to protect human rights and the rights and safety of workers, such an act by the government is unacceptable.

The Ontario Labour Relations Act was enacted years ago, after years of poor treatment to employees.

The government of the day and its constituents saw this as an essential protection.

The act already requires a lengthy period of negotiations and ratifications prior to workers being in a legal strike position.

We should acknowledge workers rights and the abuses that would result if we enact back-to-work legislation.

Such legislation will take us all back in time; and will result in poor and perhaps even unsafe working conditions for workers, something Ontarians do not want to see ever again.

Yes, York University students are facing some inconveniences today, but unfortunately, justice comes at a cost.

The protection of workers is important, and it is very likely that the majority of York students will some day, if not already, become workers, which right to strike protects.

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