Abby MacIsaac has a message she hopes people take to heart before passing up their democratic right in Tuesday's provincial election.

“I understand it’s probably confusing, intimidating and a lot of people don’t really care about it, but I still think they should take a little bit of time to go out and vote,” she said.

Tuesday will mark the 18-year-old Salmon River native’s first opportunity to cast a ballot in an election. Up until about a month ago she was not interested in elections, but after the writ was dropped, the Grade 12 student decided to get informed.


She went to last week’s candidates’ debate and attended a Tuesday forum at Cobequid Educational Centre where three Truro-Bible Hill candidates (Progressive Conservative Hughie MacIsaac, NDP Lenore Zann and Liberal Bob Hagell) spoke to about 50 students.

Spencer Gouthro, 16, asked the candidates about voter apathy and was told they often hear people have never voted and will never vote.

“I think it’s pretty terrible that people aren’t taking a more active role in shaping their country that they belong to,” Gouthro said after the forum.

MacIsaac suggested people get informed before making their decision.

“Don’t just vote, research it; get an actual passion for what you’re voting for,” she said.

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