Students are planning on crowding a meeting of the University of Alberta’s board of governors today when they vote on a proposed resident rent and tuition increase.
The university’s administration is proposing an 8.75-per-cent jump in rents for all its on-campus residences, along with pursuing a 4.6-per-cent hike in tuition — the maximum allowed under provincial policy.
Steven Dollansky, a vice-president of the U of A Students’ Union, says many students will be heading into council chambers in University Hall at 8:15 a.m. to voice their disapproval of the hikes.
Yesterday, members of the students’ union were handing out hot chocolate on campus, giving them the chance to talk about how the hikes will hurt them.
Dollansky says the hikes are compounding on years of consecutive increases seen at the university, which is making education unaffordable for students.
“We’re seeing completion rates that are dropping down to 69 per cent at the university because students aren’t able to focus on their studies like they used to,” he said.