With exams just around the corner, Metro checked in with students in the heart of the city to uncover their secrets to success. Some sprint, some scream, some fight and others rub. Laugh if you may, but the A’s keep coming.

•“If it’s an early exam I’ve got to just get up and sprint out the door. That’s the ritual. As long as I get there in one piece and I’m still breathing I’m cool. If it’s an afternoon exam then it’s all about not bringing a single book with me. The books bring bad luck.”


•“For morning exams it’s all about the amount of sleep I’ve got the night before. If it’s more than two hours I’m dead meat. Less is more for me. If it’s a p.m. exam I must have a 20 minute nap, shower, eat and then pray — in that order all within the last hour before the exam. I’ve also found that picking an argument with my boyfriend the night before also helps. It gives me that added touch of conflict...a little good ol’ steam that I can then totally transfer on to the exam. “

•“ I refuse to write a morning exam with any other pen than the one I used the night before to study. There’s no exception to that rule. For afternoon or evening exams I literally run around screaming in the hallways moments before. No kidding! It’s all about releasing that tension. Whatever works, works for me.”

•“Well, no one will believe me, but I’ve got the classic pet rock! I’ve taken ‘N Roll with me to every exam. I rub her for good luck in the mornings, she works for me. We’ve even started a trend here! In the evenings I’m on my own though... ‘N Roll works. Talk about the pressures of the double day!”

•“[To exams] I’d always bring two pens, two pencils, doubles of all those little things. I figured someone is going to want to borrow a pen or what not and that extra kind gesture on my part would come back to me hopefully with a good exam mark. It usually worked!”

•“My exam success is all about when I study. I remember most things when I study right before bed each night. Regardless of how difficult the material might be it never ceases to amaze me how I always understand it the following morning after a good night’s sleep. It’s all about pacing yourself.”

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