After an eventful summer of hanging out at the cottage, partying with friends, going to concerts and generally just having a blast, the start of the school year can be a little hard to take, never mind accept.

On the other hand, the school year means hanging out at the dorm, partying with friends, going to concerts and generally just having a blast, once the school work is done, of course.

For students in Ottawa, September rings in new life and new experiences that just have to be … well, experienced.


There’s no shortage of things to do that don’t need to break the bank. Once the tuition is paid, books need to be bought, and this is a proposition that puts the fear of poverty into all who don’t know how to do it right.

The Agora Bookstore, at 145 Besserer St., is a student’s dream for quality used and inexpensive, school texts. There’s always the option of looking at the school bulletin boards for books for sale by students. Both the U of O and Carleton have used book sections in their bookstores and Carleton has the option of renting books.

Once the books are put away, there are several ways of powering down the old think tank, not the least of which is hitting a popular drink tank. There’s Oliver’s, an institution at Carleton, and 1878 at the U of O, named after the year the school was founded.

La Maison, at 194 Sommerset, is popular with the financially challenged because of its intoxicating beer prices. The market offers plenty of options as well for beverages and entertainment, but for something a little closer to home, U of O students need only walk across the street to Father and Sons, at 112 Osgoode.

“Thursday night’s are good and a lot of people come for UFC. They like that,” said Stephanie Berube, who not only works at F & S, but is also a U of O student.

“Everyone comes here for a good time,” added Wafaa Saab. “It’s their home away from home.”
Just what every student needs.

Go sauce-free

Who needs to get blasted to have a blast? Five fun things that won’t leave you with a hangover.

1. Take in a show. There are plenty of establishments that offer entertainment, but committing to drink is not a cover charge. Bands can be enjoyed with a soft drink in hand.

2. If you’re a nature buff, Ottawa and the Outaouais have more than their share of beauty. Take a walk along the canal or Gatineau Park, take some nature pictures or just sit in under a tree and read.

3. There are plenty of hot spots throughout the city for the avid, experienced shopper -- right down to the window gazers.

4. Escape reality on the Silver Screen, not the Silver Bullet.

5. Visit a museum. There are plenty around and most are free at least once a week, usually Thursdays.

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