Six-hundred students from universities across the country competed this weekend at the University of Alberta that asked them to come up with new ideas to fix current problems, including the economy.

The JDC West Business Challenge is one of the largest undergraduate competitions in Western Canada and it brings students from 14 schools to take part in 14 competitions.

And with the economy on the minds of many students at the competition, some say Canada’s government needs to put more cash in post-secondary education.

“People need to be educated as they wait out the recession,” said Ayesha Medhurst, with the team from the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus.

“For myself, I am going to get my masters given what’s going on with the job market right now.”

This year’s theme of the challenge asked students to go beyond traditions by thinking “outside of the box.”

Organizers with the competition say the event plays on personal strengths and it pushes each student to be the very best possible.

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