Underground Club and Restaurant

York University Student Centre


Ambience: Composed of five separate areas, the Underground is — at least by university terms — a huge venue capable of hosting everything from pub nights to concerts. It’s also probably the best venue on campus and draws sizeable crowds. The catch here is that there aren't really that many bars or clubs in the area around York so any licensed option is a good one, especially for students in residents who don't have access to cars.

Dress Code: Ball caps, those plaid pyjama-esque track pants or jeans and T-shirts should all suffice. Actually put in some effort and who knows what’ll happen.

Will I hate myself for spending time there when I've graduated and matured?: Probably not. As far as university venues go, this one is on the cutting edge.

Will I have to deal with the uptight punks from U of T and Ryerson?: The Pulse posed the question to students from said learning institutions and was met with replies of: “Dude, isn't that up north somewhere?”

Will I get lucky?: With fellow students in residence, yes, but forget about the commuters.

Best accessory: A friend with a car for the moment you'll inevitably get bored of partying on campus and want to venture downtown.



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