Researchers have pinpointed “hot spots’’ in Toronto — the eastern downtown section and Entertainment District — where paramedics are more likely to be sent to transport victims of assaults.

The study, Patterns of Urban Violent Injury, found the highest concentration of ambulance calls came from addresses in the area bounded roughly by Yonge Street east to the Don River, and King Street north to Bloor.

Researchers, from University of Toronto, St. Michael’s Hospital and Ryerson University, broke down data into four-hour snapshots, then extracted information related to injuries caused by a gun, knife, sharp or blunt object, or a body part.

The results: Most assault-related calls for ambulances between midnight and 4 a.m. came from the Entertainment District.

“It’s clear there’s a major problem there,” Dr. Michael Cusimano, a neurosurgeon at St. Michael’s and lead author of the study, said yesterday of the Entertainment District.

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