Skilled immigrants earn less than half the money, on average, earned by their Canadian-educated counterparts.


Only one in four manages to obtain a licence in one of Ontario’s 37 regulated professions, compared with 60 per cent of Canadian grads. And that licence may take two years to get, compared with less than a year for native-born Canadians.

Those findings, in a groundbreaking study to be released today by the Office of the Fairness Commissioner, put some hard numbers on the frustration many newcomer professionals experience.

“The requirement of some regulatory bodies for Canadian experience is perceived as a particularly difficult challenge for ITIs (internationally trained individuals) ... if regulatory bodies require Canadian experience, there should be a requirement of employers to provide it,” said the 143-page report, obtained by the Toronto Star.

Among the foreign-trained professionals surveyed 26 per cent were unemployed — triple the number of those trained in Canada.