“I don’t want the guests to look at her and say, ‘She looks pretty today,’ I want them to look at her and say, ‘Wow, she’s stunning!’” hair stylist Angel Arbid says of Marry Me, Halifax bride Michelle LeBlanc. “She’s going to look fabulous.”

Stylists at Artisans Hair Room, located in the Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth, will create hairstyles and makeup for the bride, the wedding party and mother of the bride on May 17.

Before the big day, LeBlanc will visit Arbid for highlights to soften the look of her strawberry-blond hair. Then, on the day of the wedding, LeBlanc’s short, wavy hair will be transformed to a long, curly style with the help of clip-on extensions. LeBlanc’s style will be accented with a rhinestone and pearl tiara and waist-length veil.

“I’m so excited; I’ve never had extensions before,” says the blushing bride. “Angel obviously knows what she’s doing. I think it’s going to be beautiful.”

LeBlanc’s fair skin will be highlighted with a subtle make-up application.

“For her skin and hair colour, I’m going to work with peach tones in her makeup,” explains Arbid, who has worked on such notable customers as Miley Cyrus.

For more information on Artisans Hair Room, call 902-463-4045 or visit their location in Mic Mac Mall.