Hugh Jackman is being held responsible for breaking his brother-in-law’s leg, wrist and nose, is reporting.

The gossip website says the Australia actor’s sister Sonya banned him from using her husband Richard as his stunt double after he broke so many bones on set.

Hugh, 40, said: “My brother-in-law has doubled for me in a few of my movies. It’s a weird situation, though, because things can go wrong.

“One time on Van Helsing he was doubling for me in a scene where I got really thrown about. He ended up breaking his leg and I had to phone my sister to explain and say I was sending him home.

“He’s cracked his wrist and nose, too. She’s not best pleased.”

Hugh recently described how gruelling his role as The Drover — an Australian version of a cowboy — was in outback drama Australia.

He said: “This is how they describe my character’s horsemanship, The Drover, astride his horse like a knight in shining armour corralling 100 wild horses, by himself. That freaked me out.”

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