There’s a sweet spot in creating a modern look where you find just the right balance between sleekness and warmth, and the model suite at The 500 has that.

Light plays a key role in the corner-unit suite as interior designer Renato Iamonaco used reflective surfaces in the living and dining area to project light and let the gorgeous downtown vista become a focal point. Flooring was kept dark to provide further contrast in the space and allow the walls and other key elements to stay lighter-coloured.

“The suite is on a higher floor so I really wanted to keep things as transparent as possible. In a corner unit, the city backdrop plays a big role and so we allowed the surroundings to be a part of the detail,” Iamonaco said.


In the kitchen, Iamonaco skipped the standard plain-finish cabinet doors and instead used panel detail with a walnut finish to liven up the cabinetry, making it feel a little traditional, almost organic. A porcelain tile floor and stainless steel appliances match well with the overall look while steering it towards the decidedly modern.

In the master bedroom, a wall pattern behind the headboard contains granular Swarovski crystal dustings while the furniture features dark espresso tones to complete a look that feels inviting while maintaing a cutting-edge sophistication.

“It’s definitely modern but not hyper-modern. There seems to be a lack of warmth in spaces that are too modern and I wanted the space to still feel very liveable and approachable. It’s neutral, it’s simple, it’s casual while still being a little dramatic, a little exciting,” Iamonaco said

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