Competitions today are becoming so widely successful that they’re popping up everywhere, and in all different streams of the working world.

From singing to dancing, and modelling to styling clothes, it seems if you’ve got the right stuff and know how to work it, you could get your big kick start simply by signing up for a contest.

But it’s not all fun and games. Like any competition it takes hard work and determination to get anywhere. Slice’s Superstar Hair Challenge is no exception.


The show is back for a second season, to push each contender beyond the limits of conventional hair styling.

Whether a contestant is crowned the superstar or not, making it as one of the final 12 stylists is exposure and an opportunity to get their name out in the field.

The Superstar Hair Challenge showcases the best in Canadian hairstyling, and will offer one winner a highly coveted chair at a Marc Anthony salon and become part of Anthony’s team.

During Tuesday’s premiere, once the audition tapes are reviewed and 12 stylists from across Canada have been selected to compete, it’s time to get down to business. The first task at hand will have these competitors dramatically change their models’ lives by cutting off at least 10 inches of their hair for the Canadian Cancer Society.

At the end of the challenge, two stylists will be packing their kits and heading home. The remaining 10 competitors will go on to face the next challenge, which will have them working with extensions.
Each episode will feature two challenges, from transforming models into a showcase of avant-garde fashion on a $40 budget to creating a beautiful wedding look for eight brides in 20 minutes, the contestants have to prove they can come out on top.

Catch Superstar Hair Challenge II Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Slice.

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