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For the first time since former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle's arrest, secretly recorded audio allegedly captures him discussing his pedophilia and eagerness to bed more underage victims, the New York Daily News reported.

The audio, obtained by the “Dr. Phil” show, reveals some of his darkest secrets involving children as young as 16, the article claimed. "It just felt so good. I mean, it felt — it felt so good," the 38-year-old was quoted while allegedly discussing a prior sex act with a child.

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Former Florida journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond, who said in the Daily News that she secretly recorded the conversations for years, befriended Fogle and pretended to be his confidant over the next four years while secretly taping their discussions.


"What turns you on the most, the young girls or the young boys?" she allegedly asks him in one recorded conversation released by the talk show.

"Both of them do. Both of them," he allegedly responded, according to the Daily News, which added that, when she asked him about his age preference, he allegedly replied with: "Well, it depends which — who is ready for what. Who's gonna give you the glance, you know what I mean?"

Fogle allegedly went on to suggest attending a children's birthday party to look for more potential victims and discussed flying "clear across the world if we need to. … If we're gonna try to get some young kids with us, it would be a lot easier," the Daily News claimed.

A related New York Post report claimed that Fogle allegedly asked Herman-Walrond if he could include her children in his behavior. “Are there any of your kids’ friends that you think are pretty hot? What if we put a camera in your kids’ room, would they be OK with that?” the Post quoted.

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Fogle paid out $1 million to 10 of his 14 victims afterpleading guilty to charges of child pornography and sex crimes, the Post reported, adding that he faces between 5 and 12 years behind bars if convicted.

His wife, Katie, filed for divorce shortly after the scandal erupted, the Post claimed.

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