In Chinese, the words Jeanne Lottie mean true happiness.

And for more than 25 years, Jane Ip has been bringing joy to the millions of women who have bought her beautifully designed handbags and accessories. She is proud of her success and honest when it comes to doing business in a challenging economy.

“You need discipline to get through the tough times, but if you have your health and mental ability, nothing can hinder you to go forward.”

Jane was inspired by her father’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. Every night at dinner she and her sister Charlotte would be schooled in the world of business ownership.


“He always told us to be patient. It’s easy to open a business but it’s hard to maintain.

Being an entrepreneur is not for everybody. You have to know what you want and really pursue it.”

As I look at Jane standing in the midst of the company she has built and nurtured, I’m reminded of the Chinese meaning of Jeanne Lottie.

As I take her photo in amongst the beauty of her creations I realize her smile says it all: true happiness.

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