A Canadian financier, who accused her millionaire boss of hiring a hit man to kill her, learned yesterday that a London employment tribunal did not believe her story.

“We did not find the claimant a persuasive witness,” the tribunal said yesterday in a written judgment, dismissing the $6-million suit brought by Jordan Wimmer.

Wimmer, 29, of Mississauga, rocked London’s financial district — the “City” — with her allegations last fall against hedge fund boss Mark Lowe.

Lowe is a well-known figure in the English investment world, a famous roué with a French castle, a $200-million fortune and a taste for the pleasures money can buy. Wimmer turned that playboy image around, painting Lowe as a predator.

She accused him of a determined campaign of sexual harassment. Wimmer alleged Lowe peppered her with suggestive emails, forced her to attend strip clubs for business meetings and made her work with prostitutes that he passed off as relatives. She also claimed he demanded sex.

As a result, Wimmer said, she became clinically anxious, bulimic and was no longer able to work at her $800,000 per year position.

Bizarrely, Wimmer also suggested Lowe had hired a Russian hit man to run her over in the street.

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