Warmer temperatures bring restless road lovers, and a summer
break from school is a favourite time for road trips. While summer driving is
not as difficult as winter driving, it is important to remain aware of other
dangers lurking on the road during warm weather.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you drive this summer:



>> Make sure your fluids, hoses and belts are in good
condition. Turn off your engine and look for damaged hoses and worn belts.
Inspect the antifreeze/coolant level and condition, and, if needed, top off
with Prestone LongLife antifreeze/coolant.


>> Remember to get an oil change before leaving for
your trip. When driving in very hot temperatures or towing heavy items like a
trailer or water sports equipment, consider switching to synthetic motor oil
and using a FRAM Tough Guard oil filter.

>> Make sure your air conditioning is working
properly. A long road trip can become unbearable in a hot car. If needed, have
the air conditioning serviced by a qualified technician.

>> Don't forget the emergency kit. You never know when
a breakdown can occur. Make sure you are prepared for such instances by
travelling with a flashlight, jumper cables, and a first aid kit. Also remember
to pack warning devices like the Autolite Flareglo Safety Lite in case you are
ever stranded roadside. (Careful: Flares can present a number of safety issues
if not used properly).

For more tips, visit prestone.com or getroadready.com.