While everyone has a critical eye on winter idling, it’s the warm summer air that poses the most danger, according to one environmental group.

“(Spring and summer) is the worst,” Lindsay Luhnau with Clean Calgary said.

Aside from the numbers that leave their cars running and the air conditioner that contributes to higher emissions, warmer temperatures create “ideal conditions” for ozone buildup, according to the British Columbia’s Environmental Protection Division.

While Clean Calgary backs the proposed notion of the anti-idling campaign, it’s also launching Idle-Free Calgary on March 17th, urging Calgarians to “go green for St. Patrick’s Day” and educate Calgarians on the dangers.

“The idling bylaw isn’t the answer, but it’s a tool in the box,” Luhnau said, adding that it would provide a course of action for those who want to see neighbours or co-workers stop environmentally unfriendly habits.