A commitment to control corrosion throughout one’s vehicle is the first step for protecting the investment today, tomorrow, and for resale later.

If, however, you need even more incentive, how about this: Industry experts say that the summer season gives us all the right conditions for the most effective rust proofing.

“There is no wrong time to spray and protect your vehicle from corrosion,” says Craig Shuttleworth at Krown, a leader in this field. “But the best season for it is summer, not just because winter’s harsh conditions are around the corner, but also because the products respond better in warmer weather.


“Actually, winter is not the harshest season for corrosion. Spring is worse because once the temperatures begin to rise and the metal warms up, all of the salty residue in seams, crevices and hidden areas, really goes to work.”

Most car buffs are committed to the rust proofing process once per year—and August is the choice time because it ensures a good 12 months of protection throughout the toughest weather and wear-and-tear.

“Also, when it’s warm outside our eco-friendly Krown formula is able to creep a little faster and more thoroughly into all the seams and crevices.”

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