Many employment seekers wait until after Labour Day to shift their search into high gear, but the lazy days of summer are a prime time to get a jump on the competition.


Companies continue to hire during the summer months and recruiters rarely take extended vacations, according to Lauryn Franzoni, vice-president of executive recruiting network ExecuNet.


First, consider your goals and evaluate the progress you’ve made over the first half of the year, Franzoni said. Then, start networking, preferably in the morning. People tend to arrive at the office earlier during the summer, both to beat the heat and to get out in time to enjoy the afternoon, she said.


Flexible summer schedules can also mean they will have more time to chat or conduct informational interviews, Franzoni said. If you do land an interview, trade in your dark wool suit for something lighter, Franzoni advises. You have enough to sweat about as it is.