Summer is finally here and our makeup expert, Korby Banner has some tips for looking great and making a great first impression in the hot summer sun.

He says, “just like we swap our winter woolies for light summer fabrics, it’s important to make sure your makeup bag is ready for the new season.”

The most essential item is sunscreen. Sunlight ages and damages the skin by causing sun spots and fine lines. Korby recommends a lightweight water-based moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher.


“Use it all the time, even on cloudy days. It works best if you apply it when your face is clean. And if you’re going to put makeup over top, wait at least 10 minutes to give your skin a chance to absorb it.”

If you have a light glow or subtle tan, you can skip foundation, and even out your skin tones with a tinted moisturizer or a bronzy tinted powder over a little warm-based concealer applied only where needed.

Or try going with nothing but a bit of lipstick or lip gloss.

Summer lips can be more sheer, so use glossy tints over a nude pencil, rather than an opaque or dark lipstick which may look heavy handed.

You can also try a sealing gloss over the lips to improve the wear, and keep them looking freshly applied during the day.

But remember that sun is murder on the lips, so at a minimum use a good quality lip balm.

For a fresh summer day look for your eyes, try pastel eye-shadows and shimmery blush.

As well, use brown mascara instead of black, which may look harsh with all-over pastel tones.

After eyeliner or brow liner, use a similar tone shadow over it to set the pencil to eliminate any smears or smudges during the heat of the day. Speaking of smears and smudges, watch out for your mascara when you go to the beach.

If it’s not waterproof it could get smeary and leave you looking like the creature from the black lagoon.

You’ll need to remove waterproof mascara with an oil-based makeup to avoid any unattractive buildup. Or consider getting your eyelashes professionally tinted.

Take care of your eyes with a pair of stylish sunglasses that will give you 100 per cent UV protection.

But remember to put lots of sunscreen on your face so you don’t wind up looking like a raccoon with dark skin and two light patches around your eyes.

The best tip especially for this time of the year is to drink lots of water, at least six to eight glasses a day, and get yourself a floppy sun hat.

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