As much as a wine guy like me hates to admit it … summer really does belong to beer.


While no vinophile can deny a chilled brew’s affinity for warmer weather, the fact that most are a perfect match for grilled grub is the thing (for me) that make them an undeniably indispensible beverage when it comes to the lazy, hazy, crazy days of August.


Then there’s the variety. If you can push past the piles of lime-flavoured whatever at your local liquor store you’ll discover some incredibly innovative brands from all over the world.


Though Spain certainly knows its way around a vineyard it’s not the first country you think of when you’re thirsty for a pint. Estrella Damm (500 ml, $2.15 - $3.04) has been brewed in Barcelona since 1876 and has a bit more weight than many of its European lager-style competitors.

If you like your Germans a tad darker, the Warsteiner Premium Dunkel (500 ml, $2.00 - $3.04) is a lightly toasted lager with a smooth flavour trail of coffee and dark caramel.

For a gutsy seasonal (but surprisingly well-balanced) ale try the Innis & Gunn Blonde (330 ml, $2.95 - $3.81) from Scotland.

Prices reflect the range across the country. Some products may not be available in all provinces.