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Prints are in this season and would work great for a summer garden wedding. Available at Le Château for $110.


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Men have a much easier time than women dressing for weddings, and a smart linen suit will suffice. Available at Le Château. Blazer $150, sweater $59.95, shirt $59.

If getting hitched were a sport, then summer would be playoffs season as more couples scramble to the altar during this period than any other time of year.

With marrying season in full flush, many of us also have weddings galore to attend and as spectators, the challenge is in knowing what to wear.

Bettie Bradley is the editor of Canadian Bride magazine and says to take your cues from the wedding invitation.

“This will tell you if it’s a formal occasion or a down-and-dirty party,” explains Bradley.

“Some couples design their own wedding invitation and make it all cute and fun, but then they’re surprised when their guests arrive in casual clothes.”

The second factor to consider is where the service and reception will be held; if it’s an indoor wedding, you should be more traditional with your dress.

Ditto for wedding receptions in religious buildings where bare shoulders are unacceptable. With outdoor garden weddings however, there’s much more room for levity and it can be fun to top your look off with a big, glamorous hat.

Bradley also says that dark shoes should be avoided. “Summer weddings are a lovely time to wear coloured shoes and strappy sandals,” she insists.

For dresses, however, wearing black or even white is totally fine for a wedding. “They’re both high style and totally acceptable now,” says Bradley. At the other end of the spectrum is the bright print dress, however, and they can be found colouring many of this year’s spring and summer collections.

“There are lots of great prints and florals,” says Cara Vogl, the public relations director for Le Château.

“There are lots of bright, beautiful colours.” Most of the dresses are cocktail lengths and can easily be paired with a traditional cardigan, bolero or pashmina.

For your date, Vogl recommends a linen suit, which is breezy, lightweight and perfect for garden weddings. However, try not to be one of those colour-coordinated couples, Bradley says.

“Matching is a little passé, a little too cute,” snickers Bradley. “If you’re over the age of 22, you probably don’t want to go down that route.”

No matter what you wear, however, one thing is for certain: Don’t overshadow the bride with overly skimpy clothes. “No bare midriffs!” Vogl says. “This is the bride’s day. You want the attention to be on her and not on your exposed parts.”