Conditioner helps keep hair healthy.


“There’s no better way to make a terrible first impression than by having dry frizzy hair, brassy highlights, and that terrible green shade that tells everyone you’ve been dipping your hair in chlorinated water.” That’s according to Style By Jury’s hair guru, Johnny Cupello, who adds, “there’s nothing better than outdoor summer fun, but you have to protect your hair.”


Johnny and his team at J C Salons in Toronto ( know a thing or two about hair and have helped thousands of women to pamper and protect their hair. He has some tips about how to enjoy the sunshine without making your hair pay the price.

“Sun, salt, heat and chlorine are the enemies when it comes to your hair and you should do whatever you can to defend it.”

Chlorine can dry out your hair and leave a green cast … especially on blond hair. So before getting into the pool, wet your hair thoroughly. Hair is like a sponge and wet hair will absorb less chlorine. After swimming, rinse your hair and comb in some deep conditioning treatment. The heat from the sun will help it to penetrate. Then at least once a week wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of salt and mineral buildup.

Coloured hair is especially at risk from sun damage because the colouring process stresses the hair fibre, making it dry and porous. So make sure you condition your hair regularly to seal the cuticle and keep hair shiny.

To keep your colour from fading and becoming brassy, use a leave-in conditioner. It will moisturize, and because it often contains sunscreen, it will help keep your colour from fading. Sun-damaged hair can also absorb more colour. So when you visit the salon, your stylist may recommend you go with a lighter colour than usual so you don’t walk out with your hair looking too dark.

Summer is also the time for the dreaded frizzies. Frizz is a sign of damaged hair and often the best thing to do is to see your stylist for regular trims. Better yet, restrict your time in the sun, wear your hair up or in braids, or wear a loose scarf or hat for protection. If you really can’t stand keeping your head covered, try a leave-in hair conditioner that has SPF protection.

Leave-in conditioners are also great if you’re planning to use a hot blow dryer or curling iron. Yet in the summer, your hair is getting more than enough heat stress, so let it dry naturally if you can.

During the summer, you have to be gentler with your hair. Wash it less often and use a gentle moisturizing shampoo. Go easy on the hot water. A warm or cool shower is better for your hair, and your skin. Use conditioner regularly and end with a cool rinse. Drinking lots of water is good for your hair and your body, as well.

Then when September comes, go see your stylist to get your colour and your cut back in shape.

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