Studies on summer learning show that students who continue to learn over the summer have a considerable advantage when the next grade begins.


“By taking part in some form of learning during the summer, students maintain their academic momentum, and avoid falling behind in major subject areas such as math, reading, and comprehension,” says Dr. Nick Whitehead, founder and CEO of Oxford Learning.


According to Whitehead, it’s much easier for students to start a new school year having maintained their learning momentum, than it is to return to school unprepared.


“Students who start the new school year ahead are more likely to stay ahead for the entire school year. They struggle less and are actively learning from day one,” he says.

While most students balk at the idea of summer school, summer learning is more than just repair work for poor grades; it predicts better academic performance in the coming school year.

“We need to change the way that we think about summer and summer learning,” says Whitehead. “Summer break is actually an opportunity for students to make serious academic gains, and get a head start on next year’s grades.” news canada