What does a transportation expert see when he looks at Ottawa? Lots of cars – and lots of potential.

“I have to admit that it does feel really auto-dominated, like most North American cities,” said Lorenzo Mele, who will be at the 2010 Sustainable Mobility Summit at the Chateau Laurier this week.

“But having said that, I did a really terrific walking tour with my son all around the river area down by the Museum of Civilization and up the other bridge.”


Mele, who works for Markham’s engineering department, chairs the Association for Commuter Transportation Canada (ACT Canada) and organizes the summit, which opened Sunday.

Until Wednesday, Canadian and international experts will discuss ways in which to promote healthier, more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient urban transportation, encouraging more biking, walking and use of public transit, for example, as well as less dependence on automobiles.

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