While many of us will be pining for the hot beach come January, one Brazilian man will be leaving that behind to blog about life in the snowy North as Sun Peaks’ first official Ski Bum.

Thiago Lucena, a 29-year-old freelance photographer, beat 49 other contestants from around the world in the contest. He’ll spend three months at the resort near Kamloops, engaging in winter activities and blogging about the experience.

“I was bouncing off the wall (when I learned I had won),” Lucena told Metro Vancouver from Brazil yesterday. “I’m so excited. I’m without words.”

Lucena said he only holidays in places where he can ski — like Chile, Argentina and California — because he loves the snow and mountains, adding that part of the attraction is that it’s so different from Brazil. “People think I’m crazy. Everyone is at the beach and I’m always (chasing winter),” he said.

Lucena’s all-inclusive stay, which is worth $35,000, includes flights, equipment, accommodation and ski passes.

Melanie Simmons, a Sun Peaks spokesperson, said his application video was chosen because he displayed a passion for skiing and a desire to share snow culture with the world.

“He’ll be using social media to talk about Sun Peaks,” she said. “It’s not just three months on the slopes. He’ll be updating the blog, Facebook and Twitter, and will be doing other fun winter activities.”

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