New lens technology, developed specifically for driving, goes a long way in cutting through windshield glare and helping drivers to see more clearly in difficult visual conditions.

Eye care experts say the average driver spends more than 15 hours or close to 500 km driving each week. Drivewear lenses were created just for them — to make their early morning and late afternoon commutes safer and more enjoyable due to less eye strain and fatigue.

The prescription lens, first introduced in 2007, enhances the driving experience by delivering the optimum amount of light and information to the eye in daylight conditions — from brilliant sun to fog and rain.

Drivewear Activated by Transitions® lenses change to meet varying light conditions — from overcast to daylight to bright light — both in direct light and from behind the windshield of a car. It also features the technology of NuPolar® to eliminate glare through polarization.

The technology allows the lens to change colour to best fit the light conditions: High contrast yellow-green in overcast conditions; copper for bright conditions even behind the windshield of a car; and dark reddish-brown in bright outdoor light. Equally important to eye health, Drivewear blocks 100 per cent of UV A and UV B rays.

Drivewear is still a relatively new development and not all eye care providers may be aware of it.